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What is retouching?

Updated: Jun 22

In today's digital age, headshot photography has become more important than ever, serving as a vital tool for personal branding and professional representation. Whether you're a job seeker, corporate professional, or entrepreneur, a polished headshot can make a significant difference in how you are perceived. One key element in creating a standout headshot is image retouching. This process involves enhancing the photo to ensure that it captures the best version of you, while still appearing natural and authentic.

Image retouching for headshots typically focuses on subtle adjustments. The goal is to highlight your best features without making you look overly edited or artificial. Common retouching tasks include smoothing skin tones, removing blemishes, whitening teeth, and adjusting lighting. It's also common to correct any stray hairs or minor imperfections that might distract from your overall appearance. These changes, though small, can have a big impact on the final image, making you look polished and professional.

However, it's essential to strike a balance. Over-editing can lead to a loss of authenticity, which might work against you, especially in industries that value genuine and honest representation. When done correctly, retouching should enhance your natural look, not create a new one. Working with an experienced photographer who understands the nuances of retouching can make all the difference. They can ensure that the final headshot is both flattering and true to who you are, helping you make a positive and lasting impression.

At Northside Headshots, we include the following in our standard headshot retouching:

  • image colour correction

  • smoothing and brightening of backdrop

  • whitening and brightening of eyes

  • whitening of teeth

  • removal of stray hairs

  • removal of blemishes and scars

  • removal of hair and fluff on clothing

  • light retouching of wrinkles and creases

  • even out skin tone

However, we still strongly recommend that you prepare for your headshot by ensuring that you are neatly groomed, have evenly applied make-up and use a lint roller on your clothing before your headshot.

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